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06.-08. August 2004
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Marlboro Masters 2004

07 August 2004: Quotes from the drivers
Track: Zandvoort (4,30749 km)


Practice Session: ODD

Lewis Hamilton:
- Fastest in session on 1:33:550 set on 8th lap.
- Spun at chicane during session.
QUOTE "I had one small off but it all went to plan."

Lucas di Grassi:
- 2nd in session on 1:33:608 set on 12th lap.
- Only 0.058sec off Lewis' time.
QUOTE "I think everyone set their times earlier on in the session because the track was cooler and the tyres were newer. My car was very good from the beginning. For qualifying we have two new sets of tyres, so I just tried to learn the track and improve the car for qualifying. I hope to beat all the Euroseries drivers which will be a good thing for the British Championship."

Practice Session: EVEN

Adam Carroll:
Fastest in session on 1:33:814 set on 9th lap.
QUOTE "The car was pretty good. It was a difficult session and it wasn't a bad lap really. I just gave away a few tenths out the back and I could have gone quicker. I tried to do a good lap every single lap, but I had a bit of a moment out the back and went off, so we'll have to check the car over to make sure it's OK."


1st Qualifying Session: ODD NUMBERS

Nelson Piquet:
6th place with 1:33:313
0.339sec off fastest time
NOTE: All times set before 12:10hrs disallowed due to a technical infringement. (First 10 minutes of the session)

Danilo Dirani:
12th place with 1:33:796
0.822sec off fastest time
QUOTE: "There were 2 or 3 minutes during the session when the times were in the 32's and we missed our chance."

Marcus Marshall:
14th place with 1:34:003
1.029sec off fastest time
QUOTE: "I like the circuit. It's now on my top 3 list. I'm more or less where I expected to be. We made some changes based on what James Rossiter found in his session. The changes worked. We'll keep working at it for the second session."

Andrew Thompson:
17th place with 1:34:214
1.24sec off fastest time
QUOTE: "I was going for a quick lap very early on and I made a mistake at the chicane which ripped the floor apart. Up to that point I was quicker than di Grassi so I'm disappointed."

1st Qualifying Session: EVEN NUMBERS

Adam Carroll:
2nd place with 1:32:767
0.062sec off fastest time
QUOTE: "The grip levels were changing a lot. We could have gone faster."

James Rossiter:
4th place with 1:32:929
0.162sec off fastest time
QUOTE: "I've never been here before and we struggled a bit this morning getting used to the tyres and we made some changes for 1st Qualifying and it all came together and we're happy with 4th spot. It started spotting with rain near the end but I just kept my foot in. Adam Carroll did the same and got 2nd. The circuit is really good, very high speed. You are always busy because you are always thinking about the next corner. It's all flowing and there's quite a lot of load and a lot of high "G" force corners. It's good fun."


2nd Qualifying: ODD NUMBERS

Nelson Piquet:
- 2nd fastest in session with 1:33:177
- 0.138sec off fastest (Eric Salignon)
- One of only 4 drivers to improve their times from the 1st qualifying
QUOTE "The grid position is not where I wanted to be but it's better than it was after the first session. I'm looking forward to a good race and I'm going all out for the win."

Lucas di Grassi:
- 3rd in session with 1:33:233
- 0.194sec off fastest
QUOTE "The times are really close which shows the British Championship and the Euroseries are very well matched."

Marcus Marshall:
- 12th fastest in session with 1:34:185
- 1.146sec off fastest
- Stopped out on circuit. Not sure what is wrong. Team working to solve the problem

2nd Qualifying: EVEN NUMBERS

James Rossiter:
- 1st in session with 1:32:816 set on 15th lap
QUOTE: "I improved my time but I'm gutted that I missed out on pole by such a small amount. I'm going for the win."

Marko Asmer:
- 8th fastest in session with 1:33:560
QUOTE: "17th (on the grid) is a long way down. We didn't get the best out of the new tyres. Maybe we could have pushed more."



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