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(20.06.2003, asianf3.net)

Addict Mobile Formula 3 Grand Prix:
Friday Practice Report
June 20, 2003

BATANGAS, PHILIPPINES- Things certainly got much more interesting on this day. All the teams and drivers improved their best times from yesterday and the pitlane "competition" between drivers intensified! Below are some notes about the teams.

Castrol Ambi Pur Car Team Goddard
Mark Goddard-
Not comfortable with his car. Seat still bothering him. Made about 3 different seat foams to try and improve his comfort level in the cockpit.

Jojo Silverio- Setting the pace in practice, is quite happy with his setup, so far. Feels confident for a good result in qualifying.

Shell Casino Filipino FILA Team Tom's
Pepon Marave-
Answers the challenge of Jojo Silverio, by getting the best time of the day. 1:26.454! When asked about the run, "I still made mistakes in that lap. My time could've been even better!" Spun 3 times, and even hit his team mate, Mike Potenciano from the rear... "I thought he was going to go for it, so I floored it... Instead, he slowed down, so I had nowhere to go."

Mike Potenciano- Struggling, but still improving. He was unable to run practice yesterday, but made up for it by posting a best lap time of 1:29.196.

DENSO JF3 Racing
Richard Joson-
"My car doesn't feel very stable. I'm not really happy with it yet, though we have improved from yesterday. We will try a few more things tomorrow and hopefully improve even more."

Casino Filipino Fujitsu Ten Team Tom's Petron
Enzo Pastor-
Still looking to improve his pace. He doesn't seem comfortable with the car's setup as his laps look very erratic. Though, he has improved from yeaterday, young Pastor still has a way to go.

Speedtech Asia
Roland Hermoso-
Looking more confident with his car, Roland is lapping with the front runners! "I feel much better than I did at Subic. Part of it might be that I know this track better and I have had a bit more seat time." Said the Petron sponsored driver.

JP Tuason- Fighting an understeering problem with his car, has been way off the pace. "We've tried many things already, but nothing seems to make much of a difference. The car doesn't want to turn in."



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